Recipe: Beet Salad

Have you ever had beets before? If not, you are missing out! They are a root vegetable, sweet, juicy, packed with nutrients and absolutely delicious!  Beets have quickly become one of my favorite vegetables due to their delightful flavor. If you are short on time, feel free to buy them already cooked and peeled.

Normally, I will use roasted beets that I have cooked for a meal the night before, making it easier to toss this salad together quickly.  You can choose to peel the skin or leave it on – preferably I leave the skin on for extra nutrients – just make sure you wash them thoroughly.

This is the perfect lunch to bring to work – you can also choose to add an additional protein to the salad such as chicken or chickpeas.  I enjoy it just the way it is – with all its tangy goodness! 🙂

These sweet beets are complimented by diced Asian pears, nutty crunchy pecans and creamy goat cheese.  All topped off with a tangy mustardy homemade vinaigrette.