Hello World! I Am Her.

Welcome to I Am Her.

I am so excited to start I Am Her as a way to share my passion for natural health and wellness!

My mission is to normalize natural healing solutions for everyone in the community so that our children will grow up healthier than us.

I am Dr. Jen Goldsmith, a family wellness chiropractor and owner of Lux Family Chiropractic.  I see all ages in my clinic but have a particular focus on providing care for moms and children, with extensive studies completed in both pregnancy and pediatrics. I witness miracles every day in my practice as my patients reclaim their lives and health. I focus on families because babies are meant to thrive, not simply survive and thriving is the goal from the very beginning.

Although Wisconsin born and raised, I have found Minnesota as my new home for the foreseeable future.  However, I am still true to my roots, and will be a Packers fan until the day I die.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Dietetics (GO BUCKY!), before pursing chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

I grew up in a medical mindset – with amazingly successful parents – who have different tools in their tool bag.  They enabled me to grow and learn more about my body and what natural healing abilities it had. Supporting me every step of the way, they were the ones who first introduced me to chiropractic and the rest is history.  Fully embracing the chiropractic lifestyle and trusting that health comes from the inside out, I have thrived in pursuing natural and alternative health solutions.

What’s in the name?

I Am Her – It is an affirmation statement in itself.  It emits confidence and femininity. I end my daily morning affirmations with this strong statement.  I feel it reflects who I am, as well as being a reflection of what I hope to instill and empower in those around me so that we can all live our healthiest and most vibrant life.

This is a place of inspiration, empowerment and love for anyone willing to take the leap.  I’m here to share with you a bit of my “crunchy” life here in the Midwest.

Look forward to a new post every Monday!