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Dr. Jen has helped me reconnect with my mind and body.


lauren r.

My experience with Dr. Jen has not just been about chiropractic care, but also about my whole sense of health. I was amazed to see how well my body functioned after starting under consistent care. I am no longer distracted by aches and pains and am able to focus on other things in my life.


Chelsea G.

Dr. Jen is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have had the pleasure of being adjusted by. Her approach to care is extremely gentle yet powerfully effective. After every adjustment, I feel more connected both physically and emotionally.


Kody F.

Chiropractic care has improved my life in more ways than just getting rid of my headaches. Since starting care with Dr. Jen, my ability to fall asleep and stay asleep has improved which leads to more productive and fulfilling days!


Karisa K.