Are you ready to ditch chemical laden dryer sheets?  Say hello to wool dryer balls: your natural alternative – which pair perfectly with your choice of essential oil.  Not only do they save you money, but they also save you drying time.  By bouncing around your dryer, they essentially beat your clothes, leaving them softer and reducing static cling.  Additionally, they wick away moisture from your clothes, lessening the amount of time your clothes will need to be in the dryer. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to each dryer ball before putting it in the dryer to add a fresh scent to your already clean clothes.

If you know me at all, you know that I am not a big fan of the dryer to begin with.  In fact, the only items that go in my dryer are my towels, sheets and socks.  I prefer to hang dry all my clothes to keep them from fading and shrinking.  However, I noticed what I did put in the dryer needed to run for 2 cycles in order to actually come out dry.  That is, until I started adding wool dryer balls to my routine.  They cut down the amount of time that my laundry needs to be in the dryer and keeps it smelling fresh and clean without the use of wasteful dryer sheets.  In fact, wool dryer balls should last for a couple years before needing to be replaced.

I use 3 wool dryer balls when I have a load of laundry.  You can either buy them or make them.  They are fairly inexpensive to purchase and can found at many stores. I got mine at Marshall’s, however, they are also available on Amazon, Etsy, etc.  Personally, I do not think they are worth the time and effort to make since I can purchase them so inexpensively, but if you are a DIY savvy individual, go right ahead!

Using them is very simple.  Add 2-3 drops onto each dryer ball before tossing them all into your load.  Currently, I use about 3 balls per load but I also have a very small dryer – so I would use at least 4 if you have a fairly large capacity dryer.  They can be used for about 3 cycles before needing to add more oils to the balls.

Great Combinations:

  • 2 balls Peppermint & 1 ball Ylang-Ylang – especially good for sheets & towels
  • 2 balls of Purification & 1 ball Tea Tree – great for supporting your immunity
  • 2 balls Lavender & 1 ball Orange – bright and cheery
  • 2 balls Orange & 1 ball Stress Away – stress fighting and fun
  • 3 balls of Raven – my current favorite!

Have fun with it and try out different combinations!  This is a very easy and cheap way to start reducing your chemical laden products in your home. 🙂